We make beer that we like to drink. We hope you like it too!

Bohemian Pils - A traditional Czech-style pilsner brewed with Noble hops that has a smooth, crisp finish and a light, clean mouthfeel. 5.0% ABV


BeerClub Blonde - This easy-drinking brew is a fresh addition to our line-up for the spring/summer months that's perfect for when you're in the mood to have a few around the campfire. 4.8% ABV


BCB Apple Ale - We finally did it! BCB Apple Ale is the perfect alternative for those who want to hang out at the brewery but aren't necessarily beer fans. It's crisp, it's light, it's refreshing and it's almost entirely gluten-free! 5.5% ABV


Turf King Kølsch - Light & crisp with an easy & refreshing finish, our first Kølsch is truly the King of lawnmower beers 🙂 4.9% AVB


Kicking & Screaming Hefeweizen - Our first ever wheat beer turned out pretty much perfect. It's light and easy drinking with a beautiful lemony hue and a low ABV which makes it ideal for long summer evenings around the campfire. 4.8% ABV


Fest Bier (ein lager, bitte!) - Sometimes called "Oktoberfest lite," this traditional German lager is malt forward and easy drinking with a lightly toasty almost bread-doughy flavor – so much going on yet it remains light enough to have a few! 6.3% ABV


Das Oktoberfest - This Marzen-style lager is a taproom favorite that we brew year-round! It's full-bodied and malty, has a nice amber color in the glass, and is the perfect accompaniment to a juicy bratwurst or a salty Bavarian pretzel! 6.0% ABV


Anvil Accident IPA - With citra on the nose, a balanced flavor of Mosaic hops in the middle, and the slight tang of bitter on the finish that IPA lovers crave, this slightly hazy IPA is certainly a crowd pleaser and one of our best-selling brews! 7% ABV


Doppel (doppel) Bock (bock) - The subtle flavor of Noble hops melts into a malty sweetness and makes this well-balanced bock both a brewer and customer favorite. 8% ABV


Trip Hammer Belgian Tripel - This is a wonderfully aromatic beer with hints of warming spices and a beautifully light effervescence on the tongue that belies the strength of the brew. 10% ABV


Plus/Minus Porter - Roasty notes of dark malts, chocolate, and a hint of coffee blend together to create this hearty porter - it's a little meal in a glass 🙂 6.5% ABV


Close Tolerance IPA - This West Coast style IPA is refreshing & crisp with hop-forward aromas of citrus peel and pine balanced with a malty backbone & moderately bitter finish. 7% ABV


Tandem Axle DIPA - Our first (and only) DIPA starts you off with a vibrant hop aroma which leads to layers of resinous and tropical fruit flavors that blend together seamlessly to create a lovely complexity. 8% ABV


Single Speed Belgian - Our classic workhorse Belgian beer has fruity citrus notes and a hint of clove spice on the finish. 6% ABV


Perfect 10 (Belgian Strong) - This one was a happy accident that falls somewhere between a trippel and a quad and packs quite the punch in terms of ABV while still remaining smooth and easy to drink - only available while supplies last! 10% ABV


Hard Seltzer - various flavors available


*Beer List is subject to change both seasonally and at the whim of the creative minds at work 🙂

*Items in BOLD are currently on tap