We make beer that we like to drink. We hope you like it too!

Bohemian Pils - A traditional Czech-style pilsner brewed with Noble hops that has a smooth, crisp finish and a light, clean mouthfeel. 5.0% ABV


Turf King Kølsch - Light & crisp with an easy & refreshing finish, our first Kølsch is truly the King of lawnmower beers 🙂 4.9% AVB


Kicking & Screaming Hefeweizen - Our first ever wheat beer turned out pretty much perfect. It's light and easy drinking with a beautiful lemony hue and a low ABV which makes it ideal for long summer evenings around the campfire. 4.8% ABV


Fest Bier (ein lager, bitte!) - Sometimes called "Oktoberfest lite," this traditional German lager is malt forward and easy drinking with a lightly toasty almost bread-doughy flavor – so much going on yet it remains light enough to have a few! 6.3% ABV


Das Oktoberfest - This Marzen-style lager is a taproom favorite that we brew year-round! It's full-bodied and malty, has a nice amber color in the glass, and is the perfect accompaniment to a juicy bratwurst or a salty Bavarian pretzel! 6.0% ABV


Anvil Accident IPA - With citra on the nose, a balanced flavor of Mosaic hops in the middle, and the slight tang of bitter on the finish that IPA lovers crave, this slightly hazy IPA is certainly a crowd pleaser and one of our best-selling brews! 7% ABV


Doppel (doppel) Bock (bock) - The subtle flavor of Noble hops melts into a malty sweetness and makes this well-balanced bock both a brewer and customer favorite. 8% ABV


Trip Hammer Belgian Tripel - This is a wonderfully aromatic beer with hints of warming spices and a beautifully light effervescence on the tongue that belies the strength of the brew. 10% ABV


Plus/Minus Porter - Roasty notes of dark malts, chocolate, and a hint of coffee blend together to create this hearty porter - it's a little meal in a glass 🙂 6.5% ABV


Close Tolerance IPA - This West Coast style IPA is refreshing & crisp with hop-forward aromas of citrus peel and pine balanced with a malty backbone & moderately bitter finish. 7% ABV


Tandem Axle DIPA - Our newest brew baby starts you off with a vibrant hop aroma which leads to layers of resinous and tropical fruit flavors that blend together seamlessly to create a lovely complexity. 9.2% ABV


*Beer List is subject to change both seasonally and at the whim of the creative minds at work 🙂

*Items in BOLD are currently on tap